New Book Simplifies Information Technology for Non-Technical CEO’s


CEO’s looking to improve their understanding of the Information Technology (IT) without becoming a geek now have a dynamic resource to help them following the launch of the new book, A CEO’s Survival Guide to Information Technology.

Billed as a crotchety old geek’s road map to Information Technology, A CEO’s Survival Guide to Information Technology, offers an insider’s perspective to the technology world and valuable information to help the non-technical CEO make better decisions. The book covers key concepts behind the impact that IT has on a business such as:

  • Things to know about cyber security concerns
  • Importance of training end users for cyber security
  • Kinds of IT support to have for a company
  • Knowing when IT is obsolete in a company
  • Knowing if backups for a company is effective and up to date
  • And more

A CEO’s Survival Guide to Information Technology
was written by Bob Coppedge- the owner and CEO of Simplex-IT – a local and nationally award-winning Managed Service Provider in northeast Ohio. Coppedge has worn just about every hat in the IT business – from developer, data base analyst, consultant and IT Director to Chief Information Officer.

Questioned about the motivation for writing the book, he explained: “I wrote A CEO’s Survival Guide to Information Technology out of the frustration I’d experience when talking about the challenges and problems that business owners have with their IT We IT folks have a reputation of being condescendingly arrogant, overbearing, and aloof with understanding the full atmosphere of the business.

Often times, CEOs don’t feel that they need or want to take the time to understand. These are conversations I’ve had over and over with CEOs, and I couldn’t find anything written from the perspective of the CEO trying to manage their IT problems, except to teach the CEO about IT.”

A CEO’s Survival Guide to Information Technology is Coppedge’s debut book. But the manual is written in plain, simple language and understandable terms that the average CEO will quickly grasp. The author quickly reels in readers from the onset with wit and humor – making it the book not just informative, but also an entertaining read. Brimming with strategies and advice, CEO’s will find themselves returning to this survival guide time and again.

Initial sales and ranking of A CEO’s Survival Guide to Information Technology indicate that there is a genuine need for this kind of resource. The book hit # 1 in Information Management and Business and Money categories within days of being launched.

One reader wrote: I have read this great book twice! Such a clear, understandable need to know guide. Not just great for CEO’s but anyone that doesn’t speak “Geek” as a primary language!

A CEO’s Survival Guide to Information Technology is available in paperback and Kindle formats on Amazon for a retail price of $14.36 and $9.93, respectively. A portion of this book’s proceeds will go to Blast Glioblastoma, a non-profit organization seeking to raise money for brain tumor research.  

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