New Book Your Presence Is Enough: Based On A True Story Now Available On Amazon


Love always finds a way even if it is the wrong way. Forbidden love is not an alien in literature. Stories of people who have died in pursuit or never having the love they sought line libraries all over the world yet every new story about such plot captures the heart of its reader. We have one of such stories. The true life experience of a mother of 5 kids, she has been a telemarketer in the past. She is currently living on welfare.

This is her first book about her real life experience with Salem. She details her encounter with her former boyfriend Salem who died after a ghastly motor accident. Prior to the accident she had quarreled with Salem because even though she was in a stormy marriage when she reconnected with Salem, she was not willing to leave her marriage to be with Salem even though Salem wanted her all to himself. On his death bed, Salem calls her and they have an absurd conversation about past lives and reincarnation. She tries to understand what Salem is saying to her but he suffers a cardiac arrest and dies. The excerpt of the conversation below is so strange to her.


Salem told to Ziva that he was seeing Kurt Cobain standing next to him and he told her that he was dying.

Salem revealed to Ziva that Kurt Cobain did not shoot himself. And that Actually Kurt Cobain was her and Salem’s son from another lifetime. Salem explained to Ziva the meaning og Heart Shaped Box and many other artists songs meanings. He then was telling her that he used to be Guy Fawkes in a past life and that she was Maria And Kurt Cobain was Thomas their son. He then told Ziva that she was the reincarnation of the Goddess Isis. And he explained to her that all these goddesses weren’t really gods but that it has been Ziva and Salem all along but reincarnated. Then he told her that Michael Jackson was actually Horus reincarnated and that all the artists were actually her and Salem’s Children from another lifetime. And that they have created every religion in every culture for over 10000 years. He even told her that Cleopatra was Ziva in her past life. And he told that Ceasarion was in reality her son with Marcus Antonius and not with Caesar. This phone conversation was so strange to Ziva. When the phone conversation was finished Salem had a cardiac arrest and the police took over the conversation