New Fiction Book Becomes A Must Read – Amanda’s Hope: A Choice for Life


Amanda’s Hope: A Choice for Life is a new fiction book being sold on Amazon which has quickly gained a great deal of attention. The story follows the main character called Amanda who wants to make her own choices and experience life but suffers the consequences of rebellion and disobedience as she follows her friend Delilah down the wrong path.

New Fiction Book Becomes A Must Read - Amanda's Hope: A Choice for Life

One of the best new coming of age fiction books has now been released on Amazon. Amanda’s Hope: A Choice for Life, which was written by Barbara Stewart has been called a must read by book reviewers.

The new book which is available as a paperback ( ) is an extraordinary book that follows the main character Amanda who desperately wants to become independent and make her own decisions. Her parents are always making her decisions for her and she wants to become independent and make her own choices in life without relying on her parents. But, will she make the right decisions or is she trying to grow up too quickly?

Amanda who is in her senior year of school is fed up with being a good girl and wants to be more like her friend Delilah. She wants to go and party and have some fun and experience life to the full. Amanda looks up to Delilah who always makes her own choices and does not have to be tied down by her parents but is Delilah really the right role model or will Amanda find out the hard way that parents are there for love and guidance and to help their children to follow the right path.

Although Amanda feels she wants to be independent, ready for when she goes off to college, she quickly discovers the love of her family and the meaning of forgiveness and the unfathomable love of God.

Amanda’s Hope: A Choice for Life, is truly a must read, it is a book that not only provides a great story, but it also provides a powerful message. To learn more about the book and to make a purchase, please visit

Author Biography: 

Barbara Stewart has been an avid reader and writer all her life.  Most of her writing has been for her own personal use and enjoyment; however, now that she’s retired, she is writing with the intention of sharing her stories with others as much as possible.  Life has taught her many lessons and given her insights which are reflected in her stories, and she’s able to bring her characters to life, often basing them on people she has known, including herself.  She’s been told her writing keeps people up at night because they can’t put her books down.  Her stories will keep you captivated until the very end.  She lives in Durham, NC, with her husband, Bob; when she is not writing, she enjoys drawing, gardening, crocheting, entertaining, cooking, and spending time with their five children and eight grandchildren, all of whom live in the area.

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