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New Google My Business options

New Google My Business options

The question and answer option launched in August 2017 by Google, has had an excellent acceptance and underutilization by sellers and consumers, who saw that channel as an excellent opportunity to express themselves. Google My Business is a wonderful platform to help small and medium businesses worsen their local experience as say agencia seo barcelona.

This new feature of Google is being used by your potential customers who expect timely answers about your doubts and concerns, you can not leave it blank, you must necessarily answer your questions. The continuous monitoring of the activities that frame your website must be carried out.

This new option does not have a panel of notifications of new questions, that’s why you should be aware of manually about the new updates that involve this module of questions and answers offered by Google My Business.

If you are a business owner, this option to track new questions is vital for you to know. The first thing you should do is activate Google Maps notifications on your phone, or the other alternative is to pay for a monitoring service to keep you up to date on the situation.

The same platform ale requires customers to respond to the comments made about your business, the detail is that they are sent to all participants including those who do not have a good opinion about your company. This can be scary, but it is a necessary evil.
The dark side of the questions and answers offered by Google My Business

The new function of Google My Business where the users of your company can choose to ask questions and respond to others, is an excellent option to let see the naturalness of your company. But what happens if these customers start to misuse the service and comment on incorrect things as recommend agencia seo barcelona

Faced with this situation, it is necessary to insist on constant monitoring of the function, since on previous occasions, make a consultation through this function and request a restaurant that has WiFi service. When the request was made, several users informed me that a certain restaurant did not have the wireless connection but seconds later the store answered the opposite and I decided to go there.

What would have happened if the site did not respond in time, had stopped receiving a new clientele and future customers who want WiFi connection on the site.

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