New Kid on the Block DearTots has created a site to support Parents and their travels


San Francisco, California – April, 2018. We are in the Business of providing Moms, Dads and Tots with all the Newest, Latest and Trendiest Products and Goods to simplify their daily traveling journeys. We love the opportunity given to Us of being your choice online travel shop for your Tots.

“Thank you for being apart of a great

Community of Lover’s of Tots.” is place where you can find simply every travel item that supports your Tots travels with you- from items featured on, Google Shop, Babies r’Us and more.

“We are even more delighted to announce our partnerships with note worthy Baby Travel brands! Our Mission is to provide all Tots with a sustainable living around the world. With the resources and the tools necessary to thrive. Every order from our Loyal Customer base counts towards something magnificent.”

Aurelia, Founder & Owner of DearTots knows first hand of what it’s like to not have all of the specifics needed to enhance your shopping experience when providing for you and your loved ones.

“I’m sure every parent or even family member has their story woes about the inconveniences that seem ever-present when traveling with a little one. I know we have our many.”

Away with the notions of shop here and there, why not find popular brands and items dedicated to a certain niche- providing safe travels for you and babies varying from ages 0-5 years old is what DearTots, the new kid on the block is all about.

To learn more visit or send a welcoming email to