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New Manchester Business Launched – Soles Restored provides sneaker and shoe cleaning and restoration services across the England

The Manchester-based company uses the latest techniques to ensure shoes look as good as new


Manchester, UK – Soles Restored, a sneaker and trainer cleaning and restoration service, has officially launched. The company aims to prevent the deterioration of expensive sneakers, trainers, and dress shoes, with its one-of-a-kind expertise and attention to detail.


Soles Restored offers a variety of services from its highly trained staff of shoe experts, who can get customers’ sneakers and shoes clean, restored, and looking as good as new for under £100. Clients can contact Soles Restored for a consultation to learn about the company’s trainer cleaning, sneaker cleaning, and sole whitening services. Clients can even send their shoes to the Manchester-based business’s offices and have them shipped back looking fresh. 


Luxury sneakers and shoes can cost hundreds of pounds. Whether buying a pair of shoes for a collection or wearing them regularly, one thing is for sure, and that is the shoes will become dirty and worn over time.


The rise of sneaker collecting means more and more expensive pairs of shoes are being worn daily. Unfortunately, many collectors don’t know the first thing about caring for their expensive trainers. 


Sole Restored’s experienced team of specialists use the latest shoe-cleaning techniques to ensure sneakers and trainers look like they just came out of the box for the first time. Owners may not know how to clean certain materials, which could ultimately ruin their expensive trainers, making them worthless in a matter of seconds. Having a professional sneaker and trainer cleaner allows owners to rest assured that their kicks are being cared for properly. 


Sole Restored’s comprehensive cleaning service includes deep cleaning, stain removal, and sole whitening. The sole whitening technique helps to give an older pair of sneakers and trainers a new lease on life. Soul Restored cleans each pair of sneakers by hand and uses all-natural, non-harsh cleaning products and materials. 


To learn more about Sole Restored, please visit the company’s official website. You can follow Sole Restored on Instagram at Soles.Restored.



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