New Media Film Festival to Show Works of Distinguished Content Creators from 40 Countries including the best in Animation and Web Series


Los Angeles, CA, USA (May 20, 2018) / New Media Film Festival/– In the 9th Annual New Media Film Festival (a Los Angeles based film festival) highlights the work of contributors in the media industry. The film festival is scheduled to take place on June 16 to 17th, 2018 at James Bridges Theatre in LA, CA. The elaborate festival highlights content from different countries. Post end of the session there remains a Q&A session where audience can interact with the film fraternity, ask questions and learn about films and media.


Films and media arts have taken a new shape in the digital age. Nowadays, film and media festival keep events to show animated creations, they highlight web series on different media contents. Film makers from USA or other nations candidly confess their willingness to participate in such gala events. The film festival is expected to witness big stars of the Hollywood. Popular figures from other nations are expected to grace the occasion. 110 New Media Films & Content from 40 countries with 36 World – 7 USA and 24 Los Angeles Premieres programmed.



Session 5June 17, 2018, Web Series-Animation with Q&A Noon – 2PM


Anna – Director: Michael Burton – Country: USA

Refugees – Director: Jeffrey Dietrich – Country: USA

Mary & Marsha in the Manor of Madness – Director: Kris Theorin – Country: USA

Weird – Director: Fausto Montanari – Country: Italy, Bulgaria


Web Series:

Are You There God? It’s Me Margot E1 – Director: Carlie Casey – Country: USA

Broke A$$ Rich Kid Ep 7 – Director: Allen E. Landver – Country: USA

Kat Loves LA – Director: David Marciano – Country: USA

OM City E4 – Director: Tom O’Brien – Country: USA

Superficial Intelligence Ep 1 – Director: Kholi Hicks & Vern Evans – Country: USA

Farmer Kisha Ep 2 – Director: Lakisha May – Country: USA

Nemausus Ep 1 – Director: Quentin Uriel – Country: USA

The Hunted Encore – Director: Crystal Arnette – Country: USA

Barely Adults Ep 101 – Director: Christine Sanders – Country: USA

Power of Love – Director: Justice Singleton – Country: USA

Systems Busters E1 – Director: Michael Matucci – Country: USA, Australia, And New Zealand

Guidance S1 E1 – Director: Anna Mastro – Country: USA

Janels Awkward Life Director: Janel Koloski – Country: USA

The 5th Quarter – Ep Final Farewell – Director: Michael D. Ratner – Country: USA

Hiking with Vanderslice – Director: Danielle Neff – Country: USA


About the Festival

The New Media Film Festival team is known to produce a fair festival devoted to budding as well as seasoned content creators. These content creators are supposed to highlight their creations globally in the New Media industry. The festivals work hard to find distribution and other opportunities for many of the official selections – besides the winners. Content creators, who submit their works, may or may not be selected officially but they have opportunities outside of the normal festival process. The content creators in the film festival have opportunities in distribution, connections to other festivals, conferences, press opportunities and more.


Contact: New Media Film Festival, 2355 Westwood Blvd. #381, Los Angeles CA 90064, 310-288-1100,