New MindStir Media Book Centers on the Millions of Elderly Americans Considering Whether to Stay Put or Transition to Assisted Living



MindStir Media author Gene Hameroff helps the elderly transition into assisted living in his new book, When It’s Time to Make the Move!


It’s a nifty little handbook for seniors and those who care for them,’ said Tucson’s ABC TV Channel 9. Gene Hameroff’s story touches a nerve, as millions of older Americans ponder whether to ‘stay put’ or ‘make the move.’ People send copies to friends and relatives to help them decide.


Published by MindStir Media, When It’s Time to Make the Move! offers firsthand counsel on every step, from finding the right facility, to grappling with the emotional ups and downs, to tips on how to thrive and enjoy life in a senior community.


To our knowledge, this is the first book on this vital subject written by an author who has gone through the process. Hameroff’s light touch and winning sense of humor shines from the pages in memorable one-liners, in cartoons that gently spoof living in a retirement community, and in his delight at having time now for his painting. The author went through the transition process at age 92. Senior care professionals call his story invaluable.


How great is the need? A 2010 AARP/MetLife survey found that nearly one-third of U.S. adults play a caregiver role ( ‘65.7 Million Caregivers!’ And these are just the volunteers! Librarians often hear: ‘I need to move my parents; what do I do?’ Baby Boomers wonder how to ‘open the conversation’ with Mom and Dad. The truth is, most of us would like to stay right where we are.


‘Everyone knows an older person they care about,’ said Steven Wool, Tucson Geriatric physician and former Pima County Medical Society Doctor of the Year. ‘Hameroff has put a valuable tool into our hands. It’s a must read.’


Meredith Kuhn, Executive Director of Atria Campana Del Rio in Tucson, called the book a ‘much needed manifesto written by a resident who has been through the process of finding a senior community and mastered it beautifully.’


‘Most people wait too long,’ said Physical Therapist Robert Wallace.


About author Gene Hameroff: Gene Hameroff is an advertising executive and accomplished watercolor artist. In Columbus, Ohio he founded H/M/S Partners, Ltd, which grew to have six offices nationwide. He was well into a fulfilling, active retirement when health issues indicated he needed more support. The editor of his local paper asked him to write a series of articles about the transition process. Readers enthused they found them ‘very helpful.’ Hence: When It’s Time to Make the Move!


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