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New Motivational Novel Gains Worldwide Exposure – Beyond See Level

Beyond See Level has been described as one of the best uplifting novels of 2018. The novel by John Drumgoole Jr. is available as a hardcover on Amazon.

One of the most inspirational and empowering novels has been released on Amazon. The book titled Beyond See Level has already gained worldwide exposure and won awards, and now, the book written by John Drumgoole Jr. is expected to become a potential best seller on the popular shopping platform.

It’s not often that a new novel gains so much exposure before its official release date, but that’s what has happened with Beyond See Level. The novel is unlike any other currently available and that is why it has caused so much excitement and positive reviews with book lovers and book reviewers.

Beyond See Level was written to empower the reader and help them to overcome all the negative problems they may face in their life. It’s no secret that life can be hard, and many people struggle on a daily basis, wishing there was light at the end of the tunnel and they could achieve their dreams. Well, now there is, thanks to John Drumgoole Jr.

John’s new book is a novel that everyone who wants to be empowered should buy. Not only is it a great novel to read, it is also a vital tool that can and will change lives. He has brought the characters to life with his style of writing, allowing the reader to really be a part of the story.

When asked why he wrote Beyond See Level, John Drumgoole Jr. replied: “I originally wrote the book with the intention to inspire African-American males to reach new heights, even if they were already successful. As the book developed I noticed that it also contained a wider appeal and could relate to many audiences of a wide spectrum.”

This book will appeal to all types of readers, from those who enjoy a great novel to those who want to develop their life and achieve their vision.

“This storyline has already won several literary awards and it stands out because in today’s challenges times, it gives folks hope and contains practical insight and strategies to help beat the odds!”, explained John.

To read Beyond See Level and to be inspired, please visit

About John Drumgoole Jr.

“My journey has been somewhat like a desert-storm, supernova remix,” says John. “My greatest source of wisdom and inspiration springs from the successes, mistakes, and failures I’ve experienced along the way.”John Drumgoole Jr. was born in Charlotte, NC. Currently serving in the capacity of VP of Talent Acquisition for Strategic Growth in an awesome corporate culture, John uses his skill set to help grow his company’s market share, working with company executives and leaders across multiple-channels. He has at least 15 years of combined leadership experience in sales, marketing, and financial services.In addition, John is an award-winning author and contributor to Forbes. “Writing has always been a passion of mine. For as long as I can remember, exploring creative ways to use words has always been exciting for me. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to do that now in a few remarkable spaces in the market.”

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Company Name: Beyond See Level
Contact Person: John Drumgoole Jr.
Country: United States


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