New Novel Sparks All Heads Around The World.


Love Sees No Color: Racism Kills by 4Kit, ©WWVE INC is now available through Print and Digital Worldwide.

Manhattan, NY., June 20, 2018 — Today’s news and buzzes cling widely to racism and discrimination not just in the United States but throughout the world. Superbly, adhering to the past events and histories and preserving the negative aspects of these occurrences are ultimately depriving us of the necessary achievements as individuals, groups and of course, without doubt as, nations.

In addition, only in few instances individuals are disciplined and trained to swap hatred with love hence, to attain the greatest niches in ones’ lives and in the society. Positively, the novel from World Wide Visionary Entertainment Publishing is designed to fill that gap in training heads and feeding knowledge into global brains with the dramatic messages contained.

The author has developed characters in the books that tackle the day-to-day obstacles that real life humans face verbally, emotionally and physically. Sitting in pretense as if racism and discrimination are the subjects of oblivion in our society is purely drowning in denial. Fear of the controversial results and insults simultaneously tie many of us down to our feeble thoughts.

In the recent buzz, Kanye West (Rapper and fellow entertainer) slammed with hateful regards from many, considered to be his peers and community members, due to the fact that he uttered out his words in non-comprehensive pattern and he sunk in a big ocean of explanation.

“Love Sees No Color has everything you could wish for: a killer hook, fabulous compelling writing, thrills, tension and surprisingly tender moments. It’s fantastic entertainment”, commented Fiction Editor, Mega Mercedes.


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