New Poetry Book Causes Excitement Now Available On Amazon – Out of Doors


Now Available On Amazon - Out of Doors

Out of Doors: Poems From A Pacific Northwest Forest is available as either paperback or hardback on Amazon.

Out Of Doors is now available on Amazon. The new poetry book has gained huge exposure around the world. The book, a work of Nature poetry and photography, was written by David Gretch MD Ph.D. Dr. Gretch was formerly an international expert on hepatitis C. So, Out of Doors can be billed as Nature through the eye of a former medical scientist.

In assembling Out Of Doors, David Gretch used his powerful analytic skills, words, and natural gift of photography, to paint pictures which allow people to experience what he has experienced while walking through the forest. The book allows people to feel they are there with the author on his walks.

When asked why David Gretch wrote Out Of Doors, the talented poet replied: “I wanted people to experience … adventure in a magnificent ancient mountain setting, and poetry works extremely well with photography to capture imagination and emotion of readers.”

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About David Gretch MD PhD

David Gretch MD PhD, is a former medical scientist and international expert on chronic hepatitis C. He is now a writer and poet, with projects in philosophy, sociobiology, science fiction and children literature. A Native of Montana, Dr. Gretch currently resides in Issaquah Washington, USA.


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