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New range of freestanding baths at

New range of freestanding baths at









Freestanding baths, they’re what you see in the homes of the rich and famous, people who can afford interior designers and the sort of luxury the rest of us could only dream about – until now.  Krish Thomas of Clearwells has long been a man on a very successful mission to bring the health and wellness products enjoyed by those with A-list budgets into the homes of ordinary people.  He has recently helped to launch a new range of freestanding baths and is delighted with the enthusiastic response. “Freestanding baths have come full circle” says Krish Thomas.  It may seem an odd comment, but he’s happy to explain.

Freestanding baths were the original baths


“It’s easy to forget now” says Krish Thomas “but freestanding baths were the original baths and they were genuinely luxurious by the standards of their time.  The rich had servants to do the hard work of heating the necessary water, filling the bath and keeping it topped up, while the poor had to do everything themselves and since having a bath meant so much effort for them, they made sure to enjoy it!.  As times went by however, freestanding baths were pushed out by standard baths and then by showers.”

Showers brought the bath back!

“When plumbing became standard” says Krish Thomas “baths stopped being luxury items and just became commonplace modern conveniences.  Bathing just became something you did rather than something you necessarily enjoyed, although when you had the time, bathing could still be a real pleasure.  Freestanding baths were replaced with wall baths, or even corner baths and then by showers, which were quicker and took up less space.  Even though bathrooms were warmer, lighter and generally a whole lot pleasanter than they used to be, the emphasis was very much on functionality and sometimes convenience rather than health and wellness.  That finally started to change when self-contained shower cabins entered the mainstream.  In fact, our partner Vidalux, was at the forefront of this development.  These self-contained shower cabins had the same compact footprint as ordinary showers, but they offered so much more functionality.  They have hydrotherapy jets and steam generators and chromotherapy options and aromatherapy options and Bluetooth connectivity.  In short, they made people remember just what a wonderful experience getting clean could be and re-established the connection between washing and wellness.  For some people, they were a great way to replace baths for which they genuinely did not have space but for others they were a reminder of why people used to try to have both baths and showers in their home.

Bathing promotes your physical and mental health

It’s hard to argue with Krish Thomas when he says “Over recent years, the pace of modern life has just been getting faster and faster and sometimes keeping up with it can be very stressful.  Now, we’re starting to see more and more people actively deciding that it’s time to slow down.  If you want an obvious example of this, look at the way the Danish concept of hygge has been enthusiastically adopted all over the world.  There are lots of different aspects to hygge, but ultimately it’s all about slowing down, being in the moment and making the most of life’s simple pleasures, like soaking in a bath and allowing the warm water to relax both your mind and your muscles.  Bathing is more than just pleasurable luxury, it’s mental and physical self care and in the modern world, looking after your mental and physical health is more important than ever.  That’s why it was really important to me to bring freestanding baths back into the mainstream at prices ordinary people could afford.  I wanted to make it possible for people to turn their own private bathrooms into effective mini-spas so they had a convenient sanctuary from life’s hustle and bustle, a place where they could relax and recharge and, basically, reclaim some of that “me time” which can be so hard to find.  Showering can be great and for the record, I love using hydrotherapy showers as much as the next person, especially if they have steam too, but baths will always have a special place in my heart and, to me, freestanding baths are the most special of all – and I’m happy to say many people seem to share my views!”

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Contact Person: Krish Thomas
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Phone: 0800 977 54 54
Address:Unit 35, Heysham Business Park, Middleton Road
City: Morecambe
Country: United Kingdom


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