New Rear Dash Cam That Saves Lives

A company which plans to make roads safer with their new rear dash cam are looking for investors. This new dash cam aims to save tens of thousands of lives within the first five years of the product being fitted to vehicles.

How much is a life worth, that’s the question being asked by a team behind a new exciting Dash Cam? New Empire, a forward-thinking company based in Texas has designed a new Rear Dash Cam which is going to make driving safer and reduce the number of collisions on the road. The company is now looking for investors to mass produce one of the most important road safety products of recent years.

The new Rear Dash Cam is set to make roads safer and save tens of thousands of lives within the first five years of the product being fitted to vehicles. With 23 percent of motor vehicle accidents being rear-ended collisions, leading to 2,000 deaths, New Empire decided something needed to be done.

The Rear Dash Cam is a clever product that can and will save lives. The way the product works is by notifying the driver in the vehicle behind if they get to close. If the driver gets within a distance that puts the vehicle in front in danger of a collision then a message will be displayed on the back window which will read ‘Caution Too Close’.

When asked why the Rear Dash Cam was so important, a spokesman for New Empire replied: “There are 950,000 injuries each year as a result of vehicle accidents, with 2,000 deaths from rear-end collisions. Our product aims to reduce those figures and warn drivers if they are getting too close to the vehicle in front. With a message displayed on the rear window, it will result in the driver slowing down and providing a safer distance between them and the car in front.”

The new product has already gained huge exposure around the world, and now, New Empire wants people to come on board who will not only help to save lives, but will gain a profit on their investment.

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About Rear Dash Cam

The owner has decades of dealing with drivers who follow too closely, so he knows what kind of danger they can be to other drivers and pedestrians. He also knows that people who are reading, texting, or getting dressed while they drive can also be hazardous.

Additionally, those who aren’t fully awake and aggressive drivers in a hurry to get where they’re going can pose a safety risk to other drivers. All of these reasons are why our owner invented our revolutionary safety device for vehicles.


2,000 deaths occur as a result of a collision from the rear. Each year there are 950,000 injuries as a result of vehicle accidents.

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