New Supplement to Help Improve Kidney Disease Debuts


The founder of and Healthy Kidney Publishing, Naturopath, Robert Galarowicz has just unveiled an exciting new product, Kidney Restore™, designed to help support more normal kidney function for people with kidney disease.

Robert Galarowicz is passionately dedicated to researching kidney disease, which he himself suffers from, and this product represents the sum of that research and expertise.

Kidney Restore™ was designed from the unique standpoint of one who has gone through all the stages of kidney disease such as Robert. From kidney failure, to dialysis and finally to acquiring a kidney transplant. He became officially trained as a naturopath and nutritionist and developed diet approaches and now a ground-breaking research-based supplement called Kidney Restore™.

People can rest assured that Kidney Restore™ is a superior kidney supplement that is a tried-and-true, proven way to improve kidney health.

Kidney Restore’s™ unique formula utilizes a host of different kidney-friendly ingredients, vitamins and probiotics to help reduce stress on the kidney and maximize improvement.

These ingredients lessen the already immense strain on impaired kidneys and can help support more normal kidney function levels.

The revolutionary mechanism by which Kidney Restore works so effectively is rooted in its multi-faceted approach toward tackling the heavy strain toxins place upon kidneys.

  • Kidney Restore™ allows deadly kidney toxins to be excreted safely. This is because Kidney Restore’s™ probiotic microorganisms are able to use harmful kidney toxins like urea, uric acid, creatinine, and other waste as nutrients for growth helping to facilitate removal of excess toxins from the body, leading to better kidney health.


  • Kidney Restore’s™ probiotic microorganisms continue to grow, increasing in size and number in order to consume as many toxins as possible. It is in large part due to the creation of this additional toxin removal pathway that Kidney Restore™ is as effective as it is. By taking much of the work load and strain off the kidneys, they can rest and recover.


  • Kidney Restore’s™ proprietary combination of Sodium bicarbonate, Niacin, Niacinamide, and FOS -prebiotics work in tandem to balance acidity, block toxin absorption and foster safe removal of nutrients that are harmful to impaired kidneys, such as potassium and phosphorus, and help cleanse the kidneys to provide maximum kidney health benefits and longevity.


  • Kidney Restore™ offers unique enteric-coated capsules for kidney health which maximizes its effects by ensuring all the sodium bicarbonate and probiotics are released within the small/large intestine, going immediately to work. Many probiotics lack this coating and, as such, are usually killed off by stomach acids without ever making a significant impact.


With all of its effective features, Kidney Restore™ can assist those suffering from chronic kidney disease live healthier lives all around with a few of the most widely-reported benefits being:

  • Healthier creatinine, eGFR and BUN numbers


  • Fewer problems with phosphorus absorption and GFR decline


  • Better management of acid buildup and potassium balance


  • Faster, more effective filtration of kidney damaging waste products


  • Delivery of essential vitamins for optimum kidney nutrition


  • Kidney protection at the cellular level


  • Cholesterol level support & Healthy Detoxification


  • Improved energy and overall quality of life


Kidney Restore™ is available on-line at the Healthy Kidney Inc. website and also on Interested parties can reach out to us at 1-800-927-1738.


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