New Vehicle Tracking Device That Remotely Disable Cars To Avoid Car Theft Is Now Available


TK319L 4G LTE Cat M1 Vehicle Tracking Device For Automotive & transportation. This clever new device can put a stop to criminals taking a car that does not belong to them. With the clever Remotely Disable Car Feature, it can switch off a car engine when a car thief attempts to steal the vehicle.

Imagine having a device that can stop a car from being stolen? Imagine that same device being able to alert you when someone tries to tow your vehicle away? And imagine having a device that sends you a text message when your car alarm goes off? Well! That device is now available thanks to EElinktech.

The company behind the smallest size portable GPS Tracker has now launched the TK319L 4G LTE Cat M1 Vehicle Tracking Device For Automotive & transportation which comes with many clever little features.

The new waterproof GPS tracking device which comes with a battery life of five year is a reliable cost-effective unit that provides high-speed mobile connectivity.

The features which make it one of the most exciting vehicle tracking devices on the market include:

Live Tracking

Tow Alarm

Remotely Disable Car Feature

Alarm Notification

Low Power Alerts

Logging Out Of Range


With one vehicle being stolen every 45 seconds in the USA a vehicle tracking device is an important security tool to have. However, this tracking device goes on step further and stops a car thief from stealing a vehicle thanks to its Remotely Disable Car Feature. Through this device, if a car thief manages to get into the car and attempts to drive off, the owner of the vehicle can activate the feature and switch off the engine making the car useless.

The new tracking device can also help combat bad driving and avoid speeding tickets. With the over speed alert system which sends the owner of the vehicle a text message when the vehicle over speeds, it allows a company to improve their employees driving.  This feature will benefit fleet management companies and can also benefit taxi companies and bus companies.

With a battery life of five years, there is no other tracking device on the market that offers so much for so little which helps to combat vehicle theft.


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