New Website Launch: Natural Remedies To Improve Kidney Disease


Healthy Kidney Publishing founder Robert Galarowicz ND, has launched a new website aimed toward helping people with chronic kidney disease, and providing the latest up to date news about kidney disease findings, research, diet, recipes and natural remedies for kidney disease. 

Robert Galarowicz has devoted his life to researching kidney disease, which he himself suffers from, and this website represents the fruits of his labor. With a holistic approach to kidney disease, has a wide and varied array of content all geared toward helping kidney disease sufferers live healthier lives. consistently provides the most cutting-edge news pertaining to medical advances in the field of nephrology, along with the most effective dietary changes, supplement regimens and natural therapies for improving kidney disease symptoms.

The website also provides information about kidney disease medications. Not only does it specialize in natural remedies for kidney function. It also has information about medications. Such as best ones for kidney disease, what to be aware of and even information to take to your nephrologist to explore options people are often unaware of.

The founder has himself dealt with every aspect of kidney disease, from dialysis to kidney transplantation. He has extensively explored different methods for maintaining and improving kidney health and brings his firsthand expertise and knowledge to the forefront of  

Visitors to will be greeted by a wealth of articles, categorized by subjects of particular concern to kidney disease sufferers, such as diabetes, lupus, herbs for kidney disease, pollution’s effect on kidney disease, kidney disease medications, and kidney disease’s impact upon the African-American community, among many other topics.

Additionally, Robert has a large catalogue of videos he appears in, discussing the latest in natural kidney disease treatments, natural kidney disease news along with the hidden dangers or benefits of certain foods and diets on kidney disease. Also discussing medications. also offers a special bonus to subscribers, who will receive the newsletter, containing the latest kidney health tips, remedies and recipes sent directly to their inboxes. Visitors are also encouraged to sign up to receive their complimentary Home Remedy Kidney Cleanse.

Those looking for answers to some of the most commonly-asked kidney disease-related questions will find the ‘Ask Q&A’ section particularly useful and are welcome to submit their own questions through the contact form provided, as well. Links to the social media profiles are also readily available on the site and visitors are encouraged to reach out and engage with us through the official FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts.


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