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New Website Provides DIY Woodworkers With Detailed Building Plans For Pergolas. Gazebos & Arbors ( provides everything an amateur craftsman will need to assemble their own stunning gazebo, arbor or pergola.


A new dedicated blog called has been launched to provide expert advice, building plans and blueprints for wooden outbuildings. The blog has been set up to help people build their own wooden pergolas and arbors without the need to hire professional carpenters.

This site has generated a great deal of buzz in the DIY world. Woodworking enthusiasts have become excited with the new blog for not only providing them with building plans that would normally be charged for, but also for the advice and step by step instructions that have been given.

Normally, if a person wanted a stunning Pergola they would have two options available if they didn’t have woodworking experience. The first option would be to hire a carpenter which can be expensive. The second option would be to make a purchase through a retail outlet which could be even more expensive than having a carpenter build one. But now, thanks to the new blog there is a third option available.

This website provides DIY gazebo construction blueprints which are easy to follow. They have been put together by experts in the DIY industry to help others create a timber building with minimum carpentry skills. With these DIY outbuilding plans available for free, anyone with amateur woodworking skills, can craft their own stunning masterpiece for their garden.

When questioned about why a group of veteran woodworkers would start a site to showcase how to build a pergola, a spokesman for said: “Building with timber is a great joy, but a superior experience is creating something like a gazebo or arbor and showing it to your friends and family. The pride and esteem that comes from others appreciating your skills is definitely worth the efforts. Crafting something with your own two hands is not only cost effective but also highly fulfilling.”

Another representative for the site added that, “Constructing a pergola or gazebo can be a very demanding exercise if you don’t possess the correct construction schematics. This will make you face many difficulties and questions, especially if you are not an experienced builder. Several subtle nuances involved in the construction like different type of joints or depth of cuts may force you to do rework. Having the right plans will save you a lot of pain in the long run “

There are currently a wide variety of gazebo, arbor and pergola plans available on the site. And many more are being added daily. Plans have been classified as per the size and roof type of the structure.

To learn more about this new woodworking blog and to see how easy it is to build an arbor, please visit


About is a new blog that provides detailed woodworking plans for outdoor buildings. These plans are free and easy to use and allow even those with little or no experience to build their own trellis, arbor or gazebo. The blog has been formed by a team of woodworking experts who want to share their knowledge with others.





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