New York City: Steemit Seeks Feedback on Potential Launch of Smart Media Tokens


Steemit Founder and CEO Ned Scott has created a white paper to begin discussions regarding the launch of smart media tokens in 2018.

Steemit launched in March 2016 and has grown steadily since. Steemit is an online publishing platform which uses blockchain technology and a cryptocurrency called ‘Steem’.

The platform is popular with some people who write about their travels and earn ‘Steem’ which they can convert into real money to help them fund their travels. @Heiditravels and @Infovore are two popular travel writers on Steemit.

Those who write for Steemit are welcome to write about a broad array of topics. Those with the biggest followings generally introduce themselves to the community, post a profile photo, and write prolifically.

Recently an anonymous article also appeared on Steemit suggesting that China, South Korea and Russia should take over North Korea and wipe it off the map, just as Austria, Prussia and Russia partitioned Poland in the 1700’s. The article is from a would-be political pundit with the moniker ‘theunpundit’  It remains to be seen whether would-be policy pushers will be successful in promoting their ideas via the Steemit platform, especially while maintaining anonymity.

With smart media tokens on the horizon, it could be that such people will instead use the blockchain technology on their own websites rather write articles on Steemit. Publishers could then earn money in the same way that Steemit contributors do, thus monetizing both the content and the community. This would also offer an alternative to pay-walls and subscription fees for news platforms and websites.

Those who could be interested in smart media tokens include mainstream websites, forums, as well as WordPress and Blogger users. Webmasters could install comment widgets and sub-community moderators and managers could add more incentive for people to leave meaningful comments and to interact with the content they read.

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Contact Person: Ned Scott
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