New York Rapper/Singer/Producer TrapaVore Drops Highly Anticipated Album “IMNTME” on G11


Fusing rap with other creative styles of music and with his own unique delivery NY-based, Jamaica-born songwriter, producer, and rapper TrapaVore is set to stun the music industry and fans alike with new album “IMNTME”.

August 11, 2018

Not afraid to step outside a preconceived stylistic box rising NY rap star TrapaVore recently announced the coming late Summer debut of his new album “IMNTIME”.  Featuring his own vocals, songwriting, and production from RiserCodeXX the multifaceted artist originally from Jamaica, seems set to put the rap world on notice, with independent label G11 release.  Influenced by some of the best-of-the-best like Bob Marley, Movado, Babyface, and Tupac, TrapaVore has his eyes firmly set on the top.

“Never give up on your dreams,”  commented TrapaVore. “My new album is just the latest example of creative dreams being turned into reality through hard work and I hope my old and new fans both feel what I’m doing here.”

TrapaVore hasn’t gone unnoticed by the biggest influencers in the music industry, having won the support and respect of people like Universal Records Exec Eric “Robeo” Elizer, who took the time to let TrapaVore know he felt he had what it takes to be a great producer and songwriter if he decided to dedicate himself to putting his name and music out on the market.  Which is exactly the goal of his new album.

Past single have included singles “Flames: Glory Days”, “Provider”, “Hurricane”, “Summertime”, “IceCream”, and “No Worries”, to just name a few, all of which have won very positive feedback from listeners.

Christine S., from Boston, recently said in a five-star review, “The song ‘Provider’ really hit me hard.  I’ve been playing it all the time and excited to hear TrapaVore has an album on the way. With his vocals and production I know it will be fire.  I can’t wait.”

For more information be sure to check out TrapaVore on Spotify at and across social media on Facebook, Instagram: @TrapaVore, and Twitter: @TrapaVore.

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