Newshour Press invites journalism students to join as contributors


Online News Site Newshour Press is looking to collaborate with students from universities across the world to join as contributors. Newshour Press aims to promote free content, which is not promotional in nature. Most online contributors in today’s date are contributing to either get a backlink or to write promotional content. This initiative by Newshour Press has been taken since many students had written to the portal, requesting to be added as a contributor.

Willing contributors will be required to drop in their application.

“We are looking at collaboration with students across the world. To become a contributor, students will need to pass a test, and tell us why they would want to be a contributor by sending us a bio,” a spokesperson said. Newshour Press is currently targeting to reach out to users outside India, to have exclusive access to news pieces which will help increase unique content on the website.

The Internet has revolutionized the media. Unlike traditional newspapers, the Internet makes the circulation of global news easier and faster. From instant publishing of news and further circulation on social media, the process is swift and more targeted. Newshour Press, which currently covers news from India including business, health, sports, education, entertainment, lifestyle and technology would be looking at international contributors with interests in these topics. The news site will also be adapting a no-tolerance policy on plagiarized content.

News portals like Newshour Press, which rank under Google News, are now emphasizing on original content from a wider audience to reach out to readers from all continents, and essentially the local advertisers in countries outside India.