Nourished Minds’ Guides Offer Immediate Help to Families in Crisis


ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA, February 14, 2018 – Social worker and empowerment coach Nikole Seals publishes an online library of self-help guides to give individuals and families the necessary tools to survive and manage crisis and setbacks.

Social issues have a serious impact on the lives of families, often leaving disruption and dysfunction in their wake. In response, Seals offers specialized services to help families manage difficult emotional situations such as divorce, disease, abuse, and addiction.

The Nourished Minds’ Guide Library offers free and premium guides on family issues, self-empowerment, and health and wellness. Readers get an insider’s grasp on how to manage emotions, restore control, and navigate complicated systems; whether it be court, health care, or education related issues.

According to Seals, “Therapy is a luxury. Not everyone can afford it. My guides provide an affordable altenative for people to get professional advice and step-by-step guidance.”

Readers can instantly download their PDF guide and get immediate answers and solutions to their problems. Visitors to can also submit suggestions for specific guides through the contact form.

Seals has over twenty years of work experience in the field of mental health. She is educated and trained in clinical social work, crisis intervention, and family counseling. Her empowerment coaching services help clients to discover their innate power and develop the skills and emotional strength needed to tackle life challenges. Seals offers private coaching sessions by phone and video for those who prefer personalized support.

Seals is the host of the popular Podcast Nourishing Bits: Life Recipes for Empowered Living, and she’s a published author of two books, Secrets to Healthy Aging and Empowered Parenting.


About Nourished Minds

Nourished Minds is an online resource for individuals and families providing specialized family services, empowerment coaching, and self-help guides.



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