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Now Google will be associated with WordPress

Now Google will be associated with WordPress as say a consultor seo.
Technological evolution has turned society into a very fast one, besides the fact that new generations are born with an incredible speed of learning, of attending and of receiving answers, and that when they enter the real world they realize that speed does not exist. Google seeing this problem made the decision to join WordPress, which is a content management system or CMS to create any type of web pages.

The need to have fast websites in the future has a direct impact on Google’s decision, since mobile websites (another important element of the future) must be uploaded quickly to the users’ eyes. The partnership is based on the creation of a WordPress ecosystem to improve performance and speed in mobile phones.

This is the reason why Google focuses so much on speed, has even warned websites of mobile devices that speed will now be part of PageRank in these teams and will be from mid-year the final time for these to become up to date.

For this, Google launched in 2015 a platform for improving the speed of experience of mobile websites and it is about the AMP project.

What Google wants us to do is that we do not waste time and effort as users of the search engine when it comes to finding web pages from our mobile device, that when making a search we can obtain immediate and quality answers, without losing a second of time .

The WordPress ecosystem that Google wants to create  as recommend a consultor seo freelance

The giant of the searches Google commented in an event the importance that it has at present and for the near future the speed of load of the web sites, that is why the emphasis that does in improving relations with WordPress for being the main platform of creation of websites at present, representing 59% of use worldwide.

During that event Google stated that its objectives are based on becoming more involved with the community that uses this webpage management platform and to start a real discussion about its ecosystem, since one of the main problems with which this CMS has is its low performance in terms of speed

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