NYC Based Artist and Composer, Ying-Ting Luo Releases 4 New Hot Tracks EP


Composers in the Western tradition have often found inspiration in the folk music of their own countries. The award-winning Taiwanese film and game composer Ying-Ting Luo is proud to announce to the general public the release of her new four track EP titled ‘Sky Suite’, this extended play is a masterpiece and a fulfilling look into the genius of its composer

Ying-Ting Luo started off as a child prodigy, studying piano at the age of 4 and added the flute which became her main companion at 8. Luo has this bubbly energy in her that made her a sight to behold. The music industry is currently growing at its fastest rate, artists from all over the world are relentlessly releasing track after track and Ying-Ting Luo, an artist already making waves in the industry isn’t just sitting back and watching.

Her new EP “Sky Suite” consists of four distinct movements, which reflect Luo’s experience growing up in her native land of Taiwan and incorporates a wide range of influences. The piece explores western classical themes, as well as eastern influences, making for a culturally diverse track that embraces different ideas and philosophies. As a result, the emotional scope of this remarkable suite, over the four movements, is really broad.

While the Sky Suite EP opening movement, “Fire of the Sky” has a very energizing, driving tone, often highlighted by impactful percussive elements, the next two tracks, “Garden of the Sky” and “Omen of the Sky”, demonstrate Luo’s unique ability to paint emotional overtones with a brisk stroke of sound that engulfs our environment. Last, but decidedly not least, “The Tears of the Sky” has a more melancholic twist. It is a touching way of closing this masterful work and a reminder of the mysteries of a rainy day.

This EP by Ying-Ting Luo would keep you at the edge of your seat, it is one EP you do not want to miss.

About Ying-Ting Luo

Ying-Ting Luo is an award winning film and game composer from Taiwan. From an early age, Ying-Ting showed an impressive talent for grasping and interpreting musical content, both technically and emotionally. She pursued a bachelor degree in flute performance in one of the most prestigious schools in Taiwan; Taipei National University of the Arts, where she received many awards in recognition of her excellent playing. Luo later continued her academic studies at Berklee College of Music, where she studied film & video game scoring. Luo graduated Berklee with honors and has moved on to work with legends like Susana Baca, Wang Leehom, Toninho Horta, and Joyce Moreno.

Ying-Ting Luo is truly a gifted musician whose talent and expertise in the field is gaining worldwide recognition. Her sound is a stunning blend of instrumental music, which favors melodies and rhythms in equal doses, making for a very balanced, direct and widespread tone. Ying-Ting’s music has a really broad scope and an excellent cinematic score feel, often tipping the hat off to award-winning composers like Danny Elfman or Hans Zimmer etc.

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