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Car Computer Exchange, a full-service low-cost computer modules development company that makes products for a variety of car manufacturers today, announced they are now offering parts for Mercedes vehicles for hundreds less than any other dealer. Their Mercedes ECM options are low-cost, immediately available for delivery, and ready for installation with no strings attached.

Known for offering top of the line transmission parts to their customers, Car Computer Exchange has now expanded to include Mercedes ECU parts as well. Remanufactured engine computers, as well as transmission computers, are available for all Mercedes makes and models, enabling buyers to peruse a variety of options at a fraction of the price presented by auto service shops today.

Through Car Computer Exchange, buyers will have the option of reviewing a variety of vendors, including Imperial Auto Services for clients in Raleigh. Upon selection, customers can have the parts shipped to their doorstep, hassle-free. Each Mercedes computer comes ready for immediate installation, with no fees or appointments required.

Car Computer Exchange at Imperial Auto Services is part of a full-service auto repair store located in Raleigh, North Carolina. The company is intent on carving out a niche in the computer systems sector, providing local customers with low-cost, high-quality car computer options. Car Computer Exchange is proudly able to provide a guarantee that each new computer system will work as soon as it’s plugged into the vehicle, removing any installation service requirements. Equipped with a highly skilled transmission team, Car Computer Exchange’s technicians have been trained in automobile computer maintenance and repairs.

For anyone interested in acquiring a Mercedes computer, components will be shipped within 48-hours of purchase, and can be returned with in 14-days of the product delivery for a full-refund, permitting that the product is in its original condition. All Mercedes ECM parts are guaranteed to match the VIN for the Mercedes they are purchased for, ensuring total program compliance.


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