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Rochester, New York – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Indie publishers, SoRichIam Media and One Crownz Publishing are doubling the love by saving customers up to 20% when they purchase two or more paperback print copies of the Second Revised Edition of their latest book, MY LOVE is ONE direct from their blog/website. At first glance, it appears to be a book about religion. However the publishers say it’s actually a book about love, family, forgiveness and accountability.

While most books about love and relationships focus on the do’s and don’ts, My Love is One gets to the core of the matter. It takes readers to the origins of love and that includes the “Original Lovers”, Adam and Eve. Most people have heard of them, but no one really knows about them, until now.

The book unravels ancient mysteries concealed and held sacred since the Garden of Eden. The author, LeTicia Lee, says she had several divine encounters with God. She says she learned the original purpose of sex and what couples can do to attain and sustain a happy, healthy marriage.

My Love is One builds confidence and draws family members closer. However, the publishers recommend it for family members sixteen years of age or older as the book has some mature content relative to marital relationship building.

The publishers say most people are surprised at how frank yet holy and relevant My Love Is One is to modern audiences whether they are believers or not. They say truth and love over-ride any and all religious biases.

“‘My Love is One is very potent’, says Lee, ‘Readers are likely to either get married, renew their marital commitment, or start a family'”. She appears to be only partially joking.

Couples (and singles) can go to and save 20% when they “Double My Love” with the purchase of two or more paperback Second Revised Editions of My Love is One while supplies last.


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