Outreach Credit Services Is Helping People To Clear Their Debts Through Individual Voluntary Arrangements


The company which is a trading name of Outreach Promotions Ltd is helping people to write off up to 85% of their debts by using Individual Voluntary Arrangements

The average debt of each person in the UK is £8,000 with a recent study by the Financial Conduct Authority revealing that 4.1 million people are in serious financial difficulty with six million of those people believing they will never become debt free. However, Outreach Credit Services says there is a solution and they are the company to provide it.

Outreach Promotions Ltd, trading as ‘Outreach Credit Services’ is helping their clients to write off up to 85% of their debt and provide them with a positive financial future. The debt solutions experts are using a technique called IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangements). This technique gives people peace of mind and once Outreach Credit Services has been contacted, allows them to have the first proper night sleep they have had in a long time.

Although Individual Voluntary Arrangements was introduced by the Government in 1986 and was introduced as an alternative to bankruptcy, there are still millions of people who are in debt that have never heard of this solution. Outreach Credit Services want to change this, and they want to make people aware that there is a second chance and there is a light at the end of the tunnel for financial freedom.

A spokesman for Outreach Credit Services explained more about the IVA. “The IVA is a position solution for a person who is in debt. An agreement is put in place with the creditors to make an affordable monthly payment over sixty months. At the end of this period, the remaining debt is then written off and nothing is left to pay.”

Outreach Credit Services has become a leading force in helping people to clear their debts and stop them from worrying about their current and future financial situation. With their help, a person who is in debt can continue to live their life without having the burden of being in debt which can affect their health and life.

According to a recent report, almost 50% of people in the UK who are in debt consider suicide. When a person is in debt they can suffer from depression, stress, anger, fear, and panic. It’s not just the person who is in debt that suffers, those around them also suffer. However, that suffering can stop thanks to Outreach Credit Services.

To learn more about Outreach Credit Services and how they can help, please visit http://www.outreachcreditservices.co.uk

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