Overseas property show is heading to Birmingham and Bolton

Overseas property show is heading to Birmingham and Bolton
If you have ever thought of investing in overseas property?

You should consider heading to the overseas property show! This unique show is one of the best ways that you can learn how to invest in overseas property and some of the best new places to invest for seeing improvements with returns as well as some extensive deals and discounts that are available right now.

The show will be taking place in Birmingham and in Bolton this year with a wealth of property investors, real estate agents and educational resources. One of the premier presenters at this show is Duncan Bannatyne, a previous Dragon’s Den host and now an overseas property investor. With the help of ideal homes in Portugal Bannatyne was able to secure a great investment property where he regularly goes to vacation. He wants to share his story with you and how the value of his property has served as an excellent investment.

Through the overseas property show you can learn how to invest in areas like this one and some ideal spots for investment for anyone across the United Kingdom. With the help of finding this villa, Duncan regularly finds himself enjoying the sunshine, the sandy beaches in this area as well as the restaurants and award-winning golf course that are available here.

Portugal and other destinations represent the perfect opportunity for investment:

Publications like Forbes magazine and experts like Duncan Bannatyne are strongly drawn to investment in real estate. The Portuguese government is offering a number of international tax credits and golden visas for people that are willing to relocate and invest in property.

Forbes magazine has cited Portugal is one of the best investment destinations in the year 2015. Part of this is because Portugal remains a fairly reasonable vacation destination across Europe. As well as being reasonable to stay in and fly to, the real estate values are available at an incredible price. You could pay just a fraction of what you might pay for real estate in the South of France or Italy here. Portugal is currently taking the lead in the euro zone financial recovery and investing in a property could continue to see extensive growth that far outpaces investments like stocks, shares or mutual funds.

This isn’t a new trend for the people of Britain either. Currently there’s approximately 30,000 British citizens that live full-time in Portugal. Many of them suggest that they have been welcomed with open arms and they love the culture in the area. Most of the people that live there full-time say that it feels like living in England but with a much warmer climate.

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