Paletteful Packs Art Subscription Box Has Become The Number One Creative Present For Christmas

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The monthly art subscription box has become an exciting present to give to children according to parents

With Christmas just around the corner, millions of parents are left wondering what to buy their child to put a smile on their face. According to thousands of parents in the USA, the Paletteful Packs, which is an art subscription box that arrives each month without fail is the perfect present to buy.

The Paletteful Packs has become one of the most popular creative presents a parent can buy their child, and at Christmas, it becomes even more popular with Christmas 2016 being no exception. The reason for the popularity of the art subscription box is due to the quality of the product and the selection of art supplies that arrives each month. It allows children to have everything they need to show off their artistic skill and produce a work of art. Each art box comes with a digital video that teaches them how to use their art supplies.

A spokesman for Paletteful Packs said: “Children love to be creative, and our art subscription box allows them to freely explore their inner creative skill. With the exposure and the recommendations our product receives, each Christmas becomes a very busy time for us with tens of thousands of parents around the USA wanting one for their child.”

Unlike many other presents at Christmas, the art subscription box is not just one present. When purchasing a twelve-month subscription, the child will receive a new art box each month, providing them with a multiple Christmas present.

The monthly subscription art box starts from just $29.95 or $84.95 when pre-paying for three monthly art boxes.

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