Panama Relocation Tours Celebrates Five Years In Central America’s Tourism Industry


Celebrating five years in Central America’s tourism industry, Panama Relocation Tours™ continues to invite guests to Panama for all-inclusive six-day and five-night tour packages to learn how affordable living in Panama is. The company provides information on what people need to know about moving to and living in Panama.

Panama Relocation Tours is today celebrating five years of providing tours in Panama for people of all ages who are interested in moving abroad and starting a new life. The company was set up by Jackie Lange to give people the information they need and to show those people the real Panama.

With the high cost of living in countries such as the UK and the USA, more people are now looking to move to more affordable countries. One of those popular countries is Panama, which in recent years has seen a huge increase in the number of people from USA and UK relocate there.

The aim of Panama Tours is not to sell to people but instead to provide important information to help people decide if Panama is the country that is suitable to them. They provide information that includes visa, renting or buying a property. Other information provided includes education, the best places to visit, as well as information on all items related to living in Panama.

Guests who choose to invest in one of these tours pays a flat fee that includes all ground transportation, lodging, dining and a return flight to Panama City at the end of the tour. While on the tour, guests will benefit from learning about Lange’s own adventures and exploration of the country and its customs before she relocated from Texas.

The tour gives people a week’s worth of authentic Panama living — versus the more service-oriented tourist experience vacationers tend to seek. Jackie mentions that part of her tours involve introducing her people to expats and goes on to say, “If you ask 100 expats what they think about living in Panama, you will get 100 different answers. Most will say they LOVE living in Panama. I sure do!”

Panama Relocation Tours has become one of the most recommended companies in providing tours of Panama. People who have been on the tour have left positive reviews. They include David and Rhoda Grover of Austin, Texas who said, “I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this trip to anyone who’d like to explore the possibility of relocating to Panama. Panama Relocation Tours has it all and more!”

Jackie explained there is no sales element to her business and that she has no business affiliation with local real estate agents, so her guests will experience no sales pressure during their tour. The only literature she provides to her tour guests is a thorough manual, which includes all information discussed during the tour, including important contacts in Panama.

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The company’s owner Jackie Large has lived in 4 countries moved 22 times and visited 26 countries. She has plenty of great experience in relocating to a foreign country. She and her husband discovered the hidden gem of Panama.


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