Pensacola, Florida – November 18, 2015 – Pensacola businesswoman, Audra Carter, one of Florida’s influencials, is gearing up to make a resounding, profound and significant difference in her community, government, politics and business.

For decades, media professional Audra Carter has enjoyed a unique and rewarding relationship with the people of Northwest Florida. Today, she is a business owner and mother of two who looks to learn as much as educate. Her role as founder and co-managing partner of AC Advertising puts her in a position to help others nurture their skills and inspire community growth. “I must do what I’m called to do” says Ms. Carter.

A strong believer in the necessity of education and the power of knowledge, Audra graduated from the State University of New York at SUNY Binghamton with a Bachelor of Science degree in School of Management. Her study focus was Human Resource Management. She received a Master of Public Administration degree with a Specialization in Human Resource Management degree in 2010. Her long-term goal includes obtaining a Doctorate of Health Administration.

Audra began her career journey working for a mainstream insurance company. Right from the start, she understood the importance of effective communication. She expanded her potential by taking on the challenging roles of Advertising Director for a local publication and opening her own agency.

As a small business owner and marketing specialist, who focused on “community” oriented projects, issues and research for many years, Ms. Carter clearly understands many of the challenges Pensacola residents and businesses face, especially “minority residents and businesses”. Her company, AC Advertising, is a multicultural media agency dedicated to creating synergistic consumer to business relationships that would benefit community residents, small and big businesses, as well as governmental agencies or bodies.

To bolster an ability to create consumer to business relationships, Audra Carter hosted multiple shows via the Bridging the Gap Network (BTGN), which she developed. Through her radio show, “Straight Talk” on WRNE 980AM, and her pod cast “Bridging the Gap,” she paved the road with many spotlight discussions about how to connect the diverse cultures of Pensacola. Her television show also titled “Bridging the Gap,” spans three states and 12 counties and is aired by the nations’ third largest cable company. The inspiration for BTGN is founded in Audra’s decade of working with small businesses, leading and managing a series of small business workshops on behalf of the City of Pensacola, Pensacola International Airport and the Gulf Coast African American Chamber of Commerce.

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