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Vita-Electric® Skin & Hair who help people improve their appearance want people to understand why natural skin care products are more beneficial than those that contain unnatural chemicals.

A popular skin and hair company who provide natural organic products to improve a person’s appearance has today launched a campaign to make people aware why they should read the labels of beauty products before making a purchase. Vita-Electric® Skin & Hair, a company based in London and which has quickly become one of the leaders in their field feels it’s important consumers understand what they are putting on their skin.

According to a study by Herb Research Foundation, the average woman will use 12 personal care products each day. However, many people don’t understand that these products can contain unnatural and harmful chemicals. The research found that health and beauty products can contain 168 different chemicals. 

When using beauty products on the skin, the chemicals come in direct contact with the bloodstream, and some can cause skin irritation and eczema. But, that is not the most frightening prospect of using beauty products that contain unnatural chemicals. Some chemicals can even affect central nervous system function, which is why people looking to purchase beauty products should check what they contain.

A spokesman for Vita-Electric® Skin & Hair said: “A lot of people don’t think about the chemicals that go into a beauty product. It has only been in recent years with all the studies that more people are becoming aware of the harmful chemicals that some beauty products contain.”

Beauty products that contain natural and organic ingredients are kinder to the skin. Through our campaign, we are hoping to increase awareness and make people understand that some products could damage their skin and health.

Vita-Electric® Skin & Hair have become one of the most recommended suppliers of natural and organic beauty products. They sell a whole range of vegan and cruelty-free products to increase a person’s appearance.

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Founded in London in 2016, Vita-Electric Foods® LTD trading as; Vita-Electric Skin & Hair® has a lot to offer in organic skincare butters & cold pressed macerated oils packed with antioxidants and other ultra-moisturizing ingredients that can benefit the skin & hair.

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