The Perfect Baby Shower Gifts Are Now Available On Amazon

hand print baby shower
Yomayo has launched two perfect Baby Shower gifts on Amazon that will delight mothers to be.

Two baby shower gifts which have gained national exposure for being the perfect gifts for a new mother or a mother to be are now available on Amazon. The two products which are available at an incredible price are Baby Handprint & Footprint Ink Kit By Yomayo and Baby Handprint & Footprint Clay Kit By Yomayo.

The first product which has been launched at a special price is the Baby Handprint & Footprint Ink Kit which is priced at $19.95. This is the perfect gift to give a new mum to have the perfect keepsake.

The new product allows a new mother to take a handprint or footprint in ink of their new baby and proudly display it in a picture frame. As well as displaying the hand or footprint for everyone to see, there is also room in the frame to include two cute images of the baby girl or boy. The product is 100% safe to use with no toxic materials. (

hand print baby shower
The next product which has also just been released on Amazon is the Baby Handprint & Footprint Clay Kit By Yomayo which is a must buy for anyone attending a baby shower. This product which is currently priced at just $19.95 allows a mother to make a foot or handprint out of clay and display it in a frame. Just like the Baby Handprint & Footprint Ink Kit set, this frame also has room for two pictures to be proudly displayed. (

Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

With mothers complaining that their babies grow up too quickly, and they don’t take enough pictures or have enough keepsakes to remember the early years, these two products by Yomayo solve that problem.

A spokesman for Yomayo explained how to get the perfect print: “We recommend waiting until your little one is fast asleep so you can easily get the best imprints. they will last you for a very long time so make sure you get it right.”

These two products are currently available at a special price and will make the perfect gift for a baby shower or a loved one having a new baby.

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Yomayo believes that quality comes first. They only work with the best quality materials, always making sure everything is 100% safe for mothers and their baby.

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