Perfect Comfort’s Campground Products Announcement


Notice of Product Improvements


January  2018  The company “Perfect Comforts” wishes to announce its first ever sale program at for the campground products, aimed at US customer base. The program was created as result of enhanced research analysis of current market’s offers through detailed competitor and customer analysis. The investigation was carried out on the existing products, in which all the issues and missing features were identified and analyzed in terms of its importance for the customers and the value it has for the campers’ around the world.

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Owner of the company, Asaf Bank, emphasized the importance of the customers need and wants, since the products offered in the market have offered features that could be seen in different sets but not combined in a single item set. Hence, the design and materials chosen for the offered campground item sets are of highest quality, chosen with features that would fulfill these needs as well as provide secure handing of the equipment.

The mattresses were designed as to provide maximum comfort for the Perfect Comfort’s clients, tailored to the backs of the individuals as to not cause unnecessary pain during the outdoor sleep. The sets were further enhanced with free of charge items, a special and durable headlamp and comfortable pillow, as these items are invaluable for a pleasant night outside of the customer’s homes.

The new products are to be launched in November, 2017 with the coverage of all US states at the initial stage. In the coming period, the company also plans to expand its operations by including transportation of the campground products to European and Chinese customers within the coming year, 2018. These regions will be served with the existing product sets but will also include the future product lines based on the research of the regions and needs of the customers, as well as the natural environment.

Amazon shall be the official channel for sales efforts as well as the place where suggestions, product inquiries and orders can be taken at any point of time of the day. Customers can find additional information concerning the company “Perfect Comfort” and the details about the items’ descriptions, dimensions, price discounts and shipping information at the following link: The owner Asaf Bank, a Bar-Ilan

University graduate who is based in Israel, will be handling the requirements  personally, thus all recommendations and suggestions will be highly welcomed and appreciated.