Permanent eyebrow makeup delivers lasting results


Hair loss, even naturally thin eyebrows can be made fuller, more defined and refined with permanent eyebrow makeup.

Permanent eyebrow makeup delivers lasting results

“We are not talking about transplants. This is micropigmentation. Think tattoos, except as makeup,” said Mahnaz Bahaelou, owner of Elite Permanent Makeup in LA. “We can fill in and refine the shape of your eyebrows.”

Unlike makeup that has to be reapplied each dame, permanent makeup does not need to be reapplied. It will not wash off. It will not rub off. It will not run.

Sometimes getting the most from permanent eyebrow makeup also involves laser hair removal to remove unwanted eyebrows.

“Our process adds to what is there. So if you want to reshape, you may need to have laser hair removal to get rid of the unwanted follicles. You can shave or pluck the unwanted hairs, but why do that? Just get rid of them permanently,” Bahaelou said.

Those opting for the hair removal should have that done first. Then, give the skin time to heal and go through any followup appointments.

“We recommend waiting for at least two weeks, with a month being even better after your final laser hair removal appointment. That way you know what your eyebrows will look like and we can adjust with the permanent makeup to give you the exact look you want,” Bahaelou said.

Just like with laser hair removal, a followup appointment is recommended and included in the initial cost.

“We need to see what needs to be touched up. After that, we recommend you have the permanent makeup touched up every year, two years or three years depending on how it looks,” Bahaelou said.

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