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A lot of people considering permanent makeup want to know if this is the right decision.

Is permanent makeup the right choiceMahnaz Bahaelou, owner of Elite Permanent Makeup in LA, said it has to be an individual decision. Bahaelou offered points to ponder when considering this process.

1) It is permanent.

Once done, removing the makeup is an expensive process. Removal very rarely leaves scares.

2) Cover up is possible.

Permanent makeup can be covered with regular makeup if the person wants to do so. Sometimes the person wants a different shade or a completely different color for a while.

“To use an extreme example, you may be going to a costume party. You’d just put on the costume makeup for the evening and wash it off after the party. Your permanent makeup won’t be affected,” Bahaelou said.

3) Expect some pain.

While the process is called micro pigmentation, it is the same basic process as a typical tattoo. Bahaelou said a. Person can take over the counter pain medicine before the process and afterward to control the pain. The pain should not last very long.

4) Get credentials from the tech.

“You need to know that the person who is putting the permanent makeup on you is a professional, is trained and is certified,” Bahaelou said. “Why the process shares much with tattoos, there are significant differences. Ask where the tech was trained and how long the person has been doing this work.”

5) Share medical information.

If you have a heart condition, implants or joint replacements, Bahaelou said antibiotics before the permanent makeup is applied is highly recommended. “It’s much the same thing as going o the dentist. If your dentist needs to know, we need to know as well. You will have to go to a doctor to get a prescription for antibiotics,” Bahaelou said.


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