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Australian based internet celebrity + Entrepreneur.  Pete Laan is dramatically helping clients boost their social media presence through its website service; Social Media Boosted, a business created for social media marketing and SEO for customers at very affordable rates.

The world is fast changing and the Australian entrepreneur ‘Pete Laan’ who is an active instagrammer and youtuber realized this and came up with the innovation that is currently trending the ‘Social Media Boosted website. The millennial branched into entrepreneurship by creating the world class social media boosted website that helps brands, companies, business owners and celebrities gain online awareness and also generates google profile for clients across the world.

“In looking to get a social media boosted website that will rank you and your product or service online, we consider several things such affordability, competency and fast service. But unfortunately this often leaves us getting this done at a price rate that will make you cringe, I wanted to change that so… Social Media Boosted was created to offer an affordable service to the world” said Pete Laan CEO Social Media Boosted.

Pete Laan is now remarkably known to be the first Australian entrepreneur to have created the social media boosted website that better the social media marketing world. The Social Media Boosted website created by Pete Laan will put your social media on autopilot and have your time better spent by keeping an active presence even when you’re offline. Unlock the power of automation today. Utilize the time saving features to help you be more productive in other areas of your business.

The 21st century brings a lot of innovations into our life but one of the most important features of this century is the fast developing technological world where people take advantage of cyberspace capabilities and make full use of it to create more awareness. Here comes a platform created by Pete Laan which is well built and ready to be used by millions of people across the globe.

To experience the growth of your social media community is by keeping your profile active. Stay in control and measure your performance with Extend your reach and increase exposure for your business through social media. Work smarter not harder.

Sit back and enjoy the blazing fast growth of Pete Laan –Social Media Boosted website. Your popularity is measured by how engaging your account is. The ideal scenario of you or your company to get ranked on google in a very short period of time would be to apply Pete Laan-Social Media Boosted service which is affordable and effective.

Pete Laan Social Media Boosted will rank your name at the top of google and show outstanding results to all your social media be it Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Google+ etc.

About Pete Laan

Pete Laan is an Australian based internet celebrity and entrepreneur. (A millennial- no doubt- and knows that it is difficult to get known online and also getting ranked on google and other top sites. The Australian entrepreneur created the website social media boosted to better the social media marketing across the globe. Pete Laan is from Australia and he has focused more on technology and society.

For more information and purchase visit  or send an email to or call +61476330344






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