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Photo Booth And Event Photography Sharing Software Gains Huge Exposure

Mashbooth and Mashbooth Pro App turn any iPad into a fun photo sharing kiosk. It takes away the hassle of sharing photographs. The software is perfect for marketing companies, event photographers, and those who want to have fun and share photos with family and friends. It comes with complete integration with Dropbox.
Photo Booth And Event Photography Sharing Software Gains Huge Exposure

A leader in the photo booth industry has today launched two new apps that aim to change the way people share their photos at corporate, special occasions and fundraising events. The two apps, Mashbooth and Mashbooth Pro are the perfect solution for marketing professionals and can even help photographers expand their services and business.

The two-photo booth and event photography sharing apps can turn any iPad into a professional photo sharing kiosk. It is the perfect solution for corporate event and exhibitors who need a positive, reliable and easy solution to share photographs. It’s not just corporate event and exhibitors that these two apps would be useful for. It would also benefit festivals, hotels, theme parks and entertainment venues who want to promote themselves and share the fun that those who attend are having.

Mashbooth App and Mashbooth Pro App ( which has gained huge exposure since it was launched is easy to set up and works with all popular photo book software. This exciting new software allows those that attend events to view photographs of themselves and share them via email, or social media including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

A spokesman for Mashbooth explained: “Guests can view photos in Single or Photo Strip View, create animated GIFs from any combination of single photos. Our apps can bring life to any event and help to market products, services, and events.”

With the world of social media becoming a vital tool, it was important for Mashbooth to come up with an application that could help share images in the fastest possible way. Sharing pictures of events has previously been time-consuming. A photographer would take pictures at an event and then they would have to load them to a computer after the event and then share them or print them. Now, thanks to Mashbooth App and Mashbooth Pro this is now simplified and images can be distributed straight away.

For people looking to market an event, the new apps are a very important and cost-effective marketing tool. The apps will allow marketing professionals to sit back and allow those that attend the event to do all the work for them.

Social media has become an important marketing tool, but it has also become a very time-consuming way to promote an event. Through using the Mashbooth app it allows those attending the event to do all the marketing. They will share their photographs, make comments on social media, which will result in free promotion for the event organizer.

To learn more about Mashbooth and Mashbooth Pro App, and see how they can transform any event, please visit

About Mashbooth App

Mashbooth Pro is the app for you! Mashbooth Pro turns any iPad into an interactive, live photo and GIF sharing kiosk using Dropbox or Owncloud.

Media Contact
Company Name: Mashbooth
Contact Person: Jason Matriano
Phone: 1-877-667-6274 extension 1
Country: United States


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