Planning On Booking A Trip? Try PUREBUS For Simplification


As someone, who travels frequently, you likely understand how complicated and frustrating it can be to book a trip. Not only are you responsible for making arrangements back home, but also you’ll need to acquire tickets, a hotel and a whole array of other necessities. In the past few years, a handful of companies and websites, such as Expedia and Trip Advisor, have offered their services to those going through the trip planning process. Although these companies deliver some degree of simplification, each falters in one area or another. On July the 7th, Mr. Mohan Prabakaran launched a brand new service, which will completely simplify the way consumers plan and book their trips.


Introducing PUREBUS


PUREBUS, which originated in Namakkal-Tamilnadu, has recently been released to the public. The site has already managed to accumulate over 20,000 members and it is being credited for revolutionizing the travel industry in India. The service’s inventor and current CEO, Mohan Prabakaran, is closely involved with each and every decision made with PURE BUS. He is also the CEO of IPURE Technology. Both services tackle the travel industry and hope to make the process much easier for those wishing to travel to India in the near future.


So, what exactly is PURE BUS? Well, at first glance, the website follows closely in suit of its predecessors, such as Expedia. It is a simplified online ticket booking website, but the services offers additional services. The scope of the service is expanded immensely and allows consumers to make all of their arrangements directly from the website, before embarking on their trip.


The Difference


Although PURE BUS follows a similar suit as its competitors, it offers additional features, which consumers will definitely find helpful. Aside from booking hotels and flights, the service has also partnered with 3,000 bus operators and covers 90,000 routes throughout the country of India. The service also allows travelers to scour through 26,000 hotels directly from its website. Since, these are crucial aspects of planning a trip, travels, who plan on visiting India, will need to go nowhere else. Each aspect of their journey can be planned and booked directly on the website.


This includes buses, hotels and flights. The site also offers information regarding India’s mobile network and recharging stations. Thus far, over 20,000 consumers have signed up and are already utilizing the site’s services. All of these services are also accessible through a mobile app, which is now available on the Google Play Store. With the associated app, consumers can make one-touch bookings and cancellations.


Capitalizing on India’s Tourist Industry


India is an economically, rapidly growing country, meaning that the tourism industry is growing, as well. In fact, predictions estimate that the tourism rate will increase annually by 7.9%, until 2023. Hyatt is currently in the process of opening three new hostels, which speaks volumes about India’s phenomenal growth pattern. Not only will this affect the tourism sector, but it will bring revenue into the country on a local level, as well.



The Future


Although PUREBUS is somewhat new to the market, many experts in the travel industry agree that it will revolutionize the market. With a larger number of individuals traveling to India, services like PUREBUS are a necessity and it is almost certain others will follow in suit. At the same time, foreign providers, such as Expedia and Travel Advisor could potentially learn a thing or two from the Indian service.


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