Pons Medical Research Company is celebrating its two years activity in Odessa and inviting Future Parents to visit the Pearl of the Black Sea


Pons Medical Research is a leading Medical Company, delivering private surrogacy services since 2008, today is celebrating the two years term since the opening of its office in Odessa city, Ukraine. During this time, the firm has already gained the trust of clients all over the world and has demonstrated its high qualification in reproductive health care.

Pons Medical Research is the only one company that provides surrogacy services in Odessa. “We are not an agency, – said the General Manager of the Company, Edel Pons, – we are a Medical Company that outsources some services to local medical providers that will work according to our specifications and standards of quality. The most important advantage of contracting a Surrogacy Program with us is that we assume total responsibility about the results of the program, medical and non-medical procedures and legal issues. Pons Medical Research unites the advantages, comfort and flexibility of an agency with the responsibility and effectiveness of a clinic thus combining the better of two worlds”.

Experienced staffs, reliable medical partners with modern equipment and full legal support ensure the successful outcome of all surrogacy programs that have been chosen by Pons Medical Research clients. Nowadays this company has extensive experience in supporting surrogacy for clients from Canada, USA, Ireland, Australia, France, Norway, Spain and other countries all over the world and offers several packages of surrogacy:

– Flexible 3 attempts program, price is 42 880 USD: includes 3 embryo-transfers, all the necessary medication and the compensation for the egg donor and surrogate mother; expenditures associated with the pregnancy care during the 9 months of pregnancy and prematurity costs for until 28 days;

– Guaranteed program, price is 58 800 USD: includes all the features of the Standard Package with additional special features as 6 guaranteed embryo transfers, up to 2 egg donations, coverage in case of abortion and cesarean section and PGD (Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis) of 24-chromosomes.

Accommodation and the legal assistance required for the registration of the babies are also part of every surrogacy program.

Pons Medical Research is committed to give to the Intended Parents individualized approach and positive results. Contact us right now to get a one-hour free Skype consultation with our Medical Manager.

Don’t hesitate to call us or visit our web-site surrogacybypons.com in case you have any questions.

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