Powerline Announces The Tech Revolution for People’s Power


Powerline is the easiest way for leaders and communities to interact. Community engagement has never been more meaningful.

Hoboken, NJ – August 26, 2016 – Our world’s a mess right now. Powerline has the potential to be revolutionary. With a simple tap of a finger, it’s easy to get thousands of signatures for a petition or thousands of donations for a fundraiser in minutes, not weeks. With a host of other tools, it’s possible to lead, mobilize, organize, and engage an entire group, non-profit, movement, town, state, or even a country to be on the same page and act together. It can’t sing and dance for you, but we guarantee Powerline can help you organize a flashmob of people to sing and dance together better than anything that’s out there today.

Powerline is more effective at reaching an entire group of people without creating more noise or notifications that come along with social media. It’s a system designed to engage the many, rather than the few. People need an easy and meaningful way to interact, be informed, and truly be involved in large groups, movements, and government that constitute the lives we live. Yes, we’re nerds – but we’re nerds trying to do good.

About Powerline

Powerline started in the founder, Jesse Chen’s kitchen when a Bruce Springsteen song inspired a debate with a friend on if the Internet actually strengthens democracy or if it just gives the illusion of one. Impressed by the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements, we saw a need for purposeful community engagement technology that could provide both leaders and citizens with the tools for changing the world. After talking to over 300 people, we came to realize that any real sustainable solution must serve many kinds of leaders and communities, not just government.

After all, if leaders and communities can’t interact simply, effectively, and meaningfully, then how can we address the issues and causes that we care about most in our communities?

With so much digital noise and so many disparate systems, we must be able to lead, organize, influence, and engage in easy, meaningful ways that can improve our communities. This requires multi-purpose technology that can enable both leader-led change and sustained organic movements.

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Jesse Chen

Hoboken, NJ