Practical Pryce Offers Florida residents quick property sale


Jacksonville-based company works with homeowners that need to sell their houses fast


Jacksonville, Florida – Florida residents in need of selling their homes quickly often find the market to be difficult to navigate. Selling a home can take months to complete, especially when homeowners rely on real estate agents to market the property. Homeowners in need of a quick sale due to a death in the family, foreclosure, or another reason can spend months with their property on the market losing money. Jacksonville-based Practical Pryce Offers is the remedy to homeowners’ real estate headaches. The company buys, fixes, and sells properties around the Jacksonville and North Florida areas; and Practical Pryce Offers sells homes quickly for anyone needing to get cash fast.

“Whether you’re in foreclosure, behind on payments, inherited a house and need to sell, tried listing it with an agent and didn’t have success, or just plain need to sell quickly and don’t want to pay the normal fees that go with a traditional house sale, we can help,” Trey Pryce, company owner, said.

Practical Pryce Offers works with homeowners in a variety of situations. No matter the reason a property needs to be sold, Practical Pryce Offers will provide a fair price for the house. The company can even help homeowners who have lacked success from a real estate agent.

According to property experts, condition, price, and location are the three most important reasons a home may not sell. Practical Pryce Offers isn’t worried about either condition or location as the company will offer homeowners a fair price for the property. The house doesn’t need to be repaired or fixed up prior to the sale. Practical Pryce Offers will complete any and all renovation work after the cash sale is complete.

Selling a house through a realtor can prevent property owners from earning money. Depending on the fees and time the property is on the market, owners can actually lose money. Practical Pryce Offers customers the chance to sell their home and make money from the sale in just a short time period.

“Many sellers aren’t necessarily expecting a large “windfall” on the property as they appreciate that we can offer cash and close very quickly,” Pryce explained. “There is no waiting for financing and no time, effort, or expense is required on a homeowners’ part to fix up the property or pay agent fees.”

Jacksonville and North Florida residents in need of moving their properties quickly and hassle-free, can do so with Practical Pryce Offers. Due to the headaches that occur from selling a home today, Practical Pryce Offers can deliver a simple, straightforward plan that provides needed cash to the seller.

About Practical Pryce Offers:

Practical Pryce Offers buys houses In Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding areas. The company works with homeowners who need to sell their homes fast without the hassles and fees of a traditional home sale. Practical Pryce Offers buys, fixes, and sells Jacksonville, Florida area real estate to improve the community and help local investors participate in the real estate market.



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