Primary Plus Media Launches New Magazine for Indian Educators Titled “Teach Primary”


Malcolm X said, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”. The definition of education has evolved over the years and we all agree that modern day education emphasis on going beyond class studies.

Magazines are many little ones favorite way to spend time on reading entertaining topics! If you are on the look for new primary educational magazine, then don’t waste time searching for ideas and tips everywhere. Check the Indian edition of “Teaching Primary” magazine. The magazine is full of entertaining stories and positive ideas for educators.

Teach primary magazine is specifically designed to help educators to develop outstanding teaching skills and mapping out good lesson plans etc. The amazing magazine is written by leading experts in education. It offers new and effective ideas on delivering English, Maths and broader curriculum for 5-11 year olds. The leading magazine written exclusively for primary educators provides essential support resources and guidance to teachers, enabling them to save time and improve outcomes for all children.

Teach primary magazine is every educator’s go-to-guide for new thinking in teaching research and resources to improve practice, how to instill little ones on learning to banish fear of writing, how to use fascinating teaching tool of start the laughing and leave them reading etc. The amazing magazine is now printed and distributed nationwide on paper and digital formats has something fascinating to offer to educators seeking to elevate their teaching career.

About Primary Plus

Primary plus is in association with “pearson & longman PTE, (Singapore)”is a revolutionary activity based paper designed to enrich the knowledge of primary school children. It’s mission intends to inculcate reading habit among the children, encouraging them to think productively while simultaneously developing their thinking, reading and self- confidence skills.

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