Prithvi Sai Drops Quintessential Bigroom Anthem Tittled “JUDDER”


Best Emerging EDM DJ/Producer in Asia and multi award winner, Prithvi Sai is at it again with Killer bigroom sounds and huge festival melodies packed together in his latest release “JUDDER”. Prithvi Sai have been consistently releasing addictive EDM-influenced singles for the better part of the last decade, and this lattest anthem is no exception and promises to hit hard.

Reminding us of the golden era of bigroom house, “JUDDER” manages to deliver exactly what bigroom’s popularity originated from: huge festival oriented electro drops and catchy trancy melodies on the breakdown. The track structure is great, the tune building straight into the first drop after a brief intro section, followed by an atmospheric trancy breakdown and then the second drop. The producer used a vocal chop loop to give the track further depth and make it even more interesting to the listener. Definitely a highlight tune for bigroom at the moment, go check it out @

One interesting thing about festivals is that in the hour long set you hear songs you can’t name, but immediately you love the song and you get down to it. The new Strong Big Room Single JUDDER worldwide which was released on 6th July is available on Youtube, Beatport, iTunes, Amazon and Saavn.

About Prithvi Sai

Prithvi Sai is a 20-year-old DJ who stands out as the best EDM DJ/Producer in India and Asia in general and who started his music career at a tender age of 10 in 2008. From then, DJ Prithvi has risen to limelight and keeps moving to greater heights in his DJ & his Production career. By popular demand, he has being privileged to perform in the best clubs across the globe. Like an Elephant with a great trunk, he has earned many accolades and achieved many feats due to his bright and promising talents. For almost a decade, DJ Prithvi Sai has continued to wow the crowd like string successions. Prithvi Sai is a precise definition of talents and creativity.

As an acknowledgement of creativity in action, MTV Rocks, and EDM Nation praised him for his incredible musical talent of his mixes like “OCEANS” with EVO-K, BODHI, WHAT THE F###, SATVA, RAJA, TRIUMPH, KALABHAIRAVA … “ DID YOU KNOW” with Kaveri , “QUEEN OF THE CLUB”, Siter in Melbourne and MAHA.

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