Promax Technologies Premiers the Most Profitable Raven Coin Miner


Are you very much concerned about obtaining a GPU based Ethereum miner, one that will provide adequate result, fast and reliable service, then there’s no better place to be than Promax Technologies, your one stop destination for competent GPU Ethereum mining service provider.

Over the years the world has gone digital, from the development of smart homes to the development of fast rising innovations that promote seamless transactions and every industry is feeling the impact of technology now more than ever, especially in the cryptocurrency world.

Ethereum boasts of a fast and efficient platform with many applications that enable users perform their daily tasks in a simple fashion. Ethereum has been a major player in the cyptocurrency world, especially in 2018 market following the global phenomenon of Bitcoins.

Investing in cryptocurrency seems a rational choice to make, as the market is fast growing and the mining activities have created a high demand for a reliable hardware that will facilitate the mining of Ethereum over time.

High specs GPU based Ethereum Miners was first offered to the market by developers, which was used by enthusiastic miners. However, these past GPU miners consumed excess power, was inefficient and had a lack of profitability, it can be said that they are still less productive. Can this be the end of mining? of course not. The solution to the problem lies in the launch of Promax 7.2 which is now available.

Promax 7.2 miner has gained worldwide attention due to a its revolutionary multi-mining spectacular cryptocurrency feature. A Promax 7.2 can effectively mine Ethereum with ease. Proamax 7.2 can also generate 59484 Sol/s of Hash rate. Its hashing pergormance is preferably better than the ones already available.

“Proamax 7.2 is the beginning of the new generation GPU miner which is a lot more powerful than any other miner available in the market today” said CEO Promax 7. “we have launched three miners out which 7.2 is the flagship miner with ETH mining performance @3710MH/s” he continued.

Coins and algorithms supported by 7.2 Miner

The interface of Promax 7.2 is user friendly which makes it more convenient and also it can make multiple cyptocurrencies which include ETH, Monera, Zcash etc

Get covered today with Promax 7.2 miner and experience flexibility in mining.

About Promax Technologies

Promax Technologies is a private owned firm based in UK with a motive to raise the competition in the mining field by providing result and cost efficient miners to companies and individuals. The company started in 2016 with an aim to reach at the peak of mining industry.

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