PullPayment: Blockchain-Based New Billing Protocol


PumaPay is offering a comprehensive blockchain solution which has been designed to offer the best payment mechanism that comes with some great features. The all-new PullPayment protocol is designed to promote the more frequent use of cryptocurrency in online and offline markets.

PumaPay has recently launched their full feature pull payment open-source protocol that aims to contribute to the global trend of payment decentralization by promoting cryptocurrency based payments. The new protocol is based on the comprehensive blockchain solution, and the payment mechanism is said to be credible, robust, flexible, efficient and cost-effective. PumaPay is a free open source blockchain based payment protocol which will feature the architecture of pull payment which is considered to be a great innovation.

PumaPay offers a lot of features which includes but is not limited to acceptance of cryptocurrencies directly. It addresses the most common issues associated with current billing practices such as the risk of fraud and chargeback. The protocol has been designed to overcome the hurdles of centralized structure of the payment processing ecosystem, where merchants are subjected to unreasonable transaction fees.

One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying, “We were aware of how credit cards and online billing didn’t really adapt to the digital trade world. Merchants all around the world face quite a lot of issue because of outdated transaction processing system. This is why we aim to solve these problems through the power of blockchain technology. Our payment processing protocol aspires to do exactly that.”

With the PumaPay protocol, one can standardize the whole process of payment methods with the use of the blockchain technology, and at the same time, it also aids in decentralizing the billing layers too. The focus is on cutting down on the intermediary costs for merchants making it a great and economical option.  Further, PumaPay also helps in increasing the use of cryptocurrency both online and offline and it also works as a great means of payment too.

The PumaPay protocol is meant to be flexible payment protocol that comes with a built-in module. The core functionality of the PumaPay protocol is contained in its flexible on-chain architecture, which can evolve with the needs of the community. The powerful architecture of PumaPay ecosystem will enable any merchant to design their now transaction and implement their own business logic. PumaPay hopes to become the base layer of cryptocurrency payments throughout the world.

Those who would like to know more about the details of how the protocol works or even get the details further can visit https://pumapay.io/