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Q UP – A Digital Health Revolution Transforming Healthcare

Q UP creates apps for doctors to help them build their own brand and also is an online doctor appointment booking app.

It is a health-tech platform whose primary goal is to make everyone’s lives easier. They have automated everything for the doctor and the patient, including reducing long wait times in the OPD, facilitating clear communication, providing disease-specific knowledge, and administering EMRs. It is a full-stack, end-to-end practice management platform that connects Doctors and Patients in the most effective way.

They have filled in the gaps and made healthcare digital. They improve the relationship between doctors and patients by eliminating waiting times.


They have a pool of 9000+ Doctors with 20+ specialties, 70 lakh+ happy patient visits, created 900+ personalized apps for doctors, and reduced OPD waiting times by 77%.

Q UP helps doctors by making their own brand apps to run their hospitals or clinic. Building your own healthcare app can help with day-to-day tasks like managing patients, making e-prescriptions, using electronic medical records (EMR), having video and audio online consultations with patients, and so on.

They not only has a solution for the doctor’s app but also make it easy for patients to make appointments with doctors.

They connect patients to thousands of doctors in India, including diabetologists, gynecologists, orthopedics, pediatricians, general physicians, rheumatologists, dermatologists, Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, dentists, nephrologists, urologists, cardiologists, and so on.

They help doctors by providing them with their Own Brand App.


The Doctor personalized App basically includes features like Online Video Consultation, Online Payment Collection, Instant Prescription, Regional Languages, Medical Stocks Inventory Management, Appointment Alert Notification, Report Generating for Payment Collection, and Doctor EMR App Solution.

Here are some more features of the doctor’s own app:

Patient Participation

Doctors can use different methods that improve the patient experience and outcomes. Even after the consultation, doctors can continue to look out for them! Doctors’ apps improve the patient’s experience by keeping them interested with a variety of features.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Their technology makes it easier and more efficient for doctors to keep track of their patient’s records, which lets them give better care. EMR stores all medical records so that they are easy to find and can be used to meet patients’ needs.

Telehealth, Health Consultation, and Health Appointment

With scheduled appointments, doctors can easily keep track of their waiting list and help patients from anywhere and on any device. This simple solution makes it easier to be flexible and manage OPD well.

Analytics and Numbers

Their advanced technologies can help doctors learn more about their job and come up with new ideas. These facts can help doctors figure out how their healthcare system works financially and how patients move through it.


Here are a few of the best things that patients can do with the app:

Track your Health- Health Tracker keeps track of patients’ health statistics, analyses their progress, and keeps track of things like blood sugar level, creatinine level, and so on.

Real-Time Updates- The app keeps you up to date on things like vacations, emergencies, and changes to the doctor’s schedule.

With India’s hassle-free doctor appointment booking app, patients can get a seamless OPD experience by booking an appointment with one of India’s top specialists online. It is an all-rounder platform that enables patients to book appointments, seek online consultations, track health, get live updates on their appointments, and E-prescription.

Q UP helps patients find the most well-known doctors in all specialties in India. They have a network of over 9,000+ trusted doctors from 20+ specialties who will ensure that all patient’s health concerns are addressed.

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