Qatar’s National Security Shield Project to Host Fourth Annual QMARSEC Event


The Qatar National Security Shield (NSS) will officially host the Qatar Maritime Security Coastal and Border Surveillance Conference (QMARSEC) 2016


Doha, Qatar, 4 July 2016 – The organizers of the Qatar Maritime Security – Coastal and Border Surveillance Conference (QMARSEC) 2016 are pleased to announce that Qatar National Security Shield will be the official host of QMARSEC 2016.

The Qatar National Security Shield Project was established under the directive of His Highness, the Emir of Qatar, to create a platform for integrated systems that ensure the defense and welfare of the nation by securing sea, coastal, and land borders of Qatar utilizing a network of high-technology electronic surveillance and reconnaissance stations.

“The Qatar National Security Shield organization employs the latest in technology and strategy, and touches on every aspect of maritime security for the country of Qatar,” said Matthew Cochran, Chairman, Defense Services Marketing Council (DSMC). “We are fortunate that this leading-edge organization has agreed to be the official host of QMARSEC 2016, and look forward to their valuable contributions to the event.”

Brigadier (Pilot) Mohammed A. AL-Mannai, Director, Qatar National Security Shield Project, expressed his support for QMARSEC 2016. “This event will bring together leading minds in security-related topics of concern today, and will serve as a platform for discussing best practices and new technologies for ensuring the safety of citizens throughout the GCC region,” he said. “We are pleased to fully support QMARSEC 2016 and encourage other organizations to contribute to this worthwhile conference.”

The annual QMARSEC conference provides a forum that encourages information sharing and cooperation among military, government, industry and academic maritime security experts from around the world. The conference encourages the development of joint endeavors, particularly new technologies, in order to deepen and enhance inter-agency cooperation and collaboration to mitigate future security threats.

The upcoming QMARSEC 2016 conference will be held on 25 October 2016 in Doha, Qatar. For more information, or to learn about opportunities for exhibitors, corporate sponsors, or speakers, please visit the QMARSEC website at



Press Contact:

Name: Ms. Barbara Figueroa


Company: Defense Services Marketing Council (DSMC)