Quality, speed top concerns for catering in Los Angeles


When it comes to catering in Los Angeles, the quality of the dodo is the most important feature.

Just behind that is the speed with which the caterer delivers the food.

In that regard, Delphi Greek restaurant leads the pack. Owner Roozbeh Farahanipour set up the Mediterranean-themed restaurant had three goals in mind.

First, provide a family restaurant with good food. “I wanted a palace where people feel comfortable. I wanted a place where people feel at home.”

Second, provide quality catering to the LA area. He notes the Los Angeles region has plenty of places that cater, but Greek food catering is still rare. The catering industry obviously had an opening there.

“Thirdly, we had to provide good food and we had to do it quickly. That is important. I wanted a catering service where we could supply food to small gatherings to groups of 200 people within a few hours,” he said. “This is LA, a world city. We move fast here. If you can’t keep up, you don’t stay in business.”

Delphi Greek needs two hours notice for groups up to 50 and four hours notice for larger groups for the catering service.

“We combine sterling quality food with nearly unbelievable speed. That is a combination that is hard to come by even in Los Angeles,” Mr. Farahanipour said.

The catering menu ranges from simple breakfast through lunch to the most elegant of dinners. Customers can even order single trays of one of the restaurants famous signature dishes instead of an entire meal.

“If you are planning something at 5 p.m. and call us at 11 a.m., whatever you order, it will be ready,” Mr. Farahanipour said.


For more information about catering in Los Angeles, visit www.delphigreek.com.