Question: How users get tokens in ETHER JOY? Bonus for blockchain fans


Recently, the ETHER JOY (Abbreviation: EJOY) project created by the ETHER JOY Entertainment Value Foundation will go online soon.  Compared with other traditional blockchain projects, the ETHER JOY community has the following highlights:

1. Users have the access to get tokens by playing games.

Most Blockchain projects usually have few activities and few awards. The ETHER JOY project will include lots of interesting games online. All users participating in the games will have the chance to win tokens. Tokens are used as a kind of excitation to make players more enjoy themselves in games.Therefore,the user loyalty is high and the traffic is huge.So millions of tokens can be an appealing way to get users.

2. Strong interactivity in the way of games

In order for a Blockchain fan to receive coin rewards in a traditional Blockchain promotion, she or he will either have to read boring articles and share or to invite friends to register.

ETHER JOY project hosts promotions in the form of games.  Instead of reading articles or inviting friends, or sharing links, fans only move their fingers, play the favorite game, experience the joy of a fun game and then get rewards.

3. Free of charge

Blockchain fans do not need to download the APP to participate.  The fans only need to follow our official websites/twitter/telegram to play the game and get tokens. After the game is over, the fans will get the token reward in their wallet. The whole process is free of charge to game users and Blockchain fans.  

The ETHER JOY project is in full swing of product development cycle. Its first product is planned to conduct internal testing in May 2018, and it will hold the first Global Grand Price event in June 2018.

ETHER JOY is planned to be listed soon (EJOY ICO). The first phase of airdrop activity is in progress.  Every registration will receive 500 EJOY coins, and every recommendation will receive 80 EJOY coins.

(Note: 1 All awards are counted as token units;  2 This final interpretation is owned by ETHER JOY  Value Foundation)

To participate in airdrop activities and learn more about EJOY ICO and the progress of the Grand Prix, pay attention to:

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