Race Against Ruin Becomes The Most Talked About Book Of 2018


A new author has caused excitement in the world of literature with his debut novel titled Race Against Ruin. Tallulah Noles has managed to what not many new authors have done in the past, and that is to have the world talking about his first book.

A new book by Tallulah Noles has become the talking point in the literature world. Race Against Ruin, which is available on Amazon is a thriller that many are calling on Hollywood to turn into a film.

Race Against Ruin is a book that will be hard to put down. The story follows a young woman called Emily who travels abroad as a volunteer looking for excitement. She meets a man, but this is not the man for her. What should be a love story and a man of her dreams turns into the worst nightmare Emily could ever have imagined.

Emily’s world is turned upside down when her excitement turns into a situation that could see her being killed. She is kidnapped and is left wondering if she will ever see her family again, or if her surroundings are the last thing she will ever see.

There is only one person who can save her, and that is FBI agent Jordan Sutton. The FBI is an expert in his field of investigating teenagers being abducted, but could this case be a case too hard to crack. The only chance Emily has if Jordan can rescue her in time.

Race Against Ruin has everything a person could possibly want from a book. This is not an ordinary book, this book is one that will be very hard to put down. The reader is made to feel they are there in the story, but at the same time being made to feel helpless. Although the reader is there in the story, there is only one person who can rescue Emily, and if Jordan fails then Emily will take her last breath.

When asked about the book, Tallulah Noles replied: “Race Against Ruin is my debut novel that I have literally poured my heart and soul into with the ultimate dream of transitioning from working in the corporate world to a fulltime author.  The book took me just over a year to write. I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute working on the book and I am so excited to share it with readers from all around the world.”

The book has only just been released on Amazon and already it’s gaining five-star reviews. To learn why so many people are calling Race Against Ruin the best book they have read, and why some fans are calling for the book to be turned into a film, please visit https://www.amazon.com/Race-Against-Ruin-Tallulah-Noles-ebook/dp/B07CV7DDWJ/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1529025068&sr=8-3&keywords=race+against+ruin

About Tallulah Noles

Tallulah Noles is an emerging Fiction Author who crafts intricate stories revolving around suspenseful plots, relatable protagonists, menacing foes in sheep’s clothing, and gripping storylines. 

Tallulah’s debut book entitled “Race Against Ruin” (part one of a book series) showcases a studious heroine who, despite all the blaring red flags waving her direction, opts to meet a charming foreigner overseas for a so-called humanitarian initiative. Soon, a budding romance turns into a chilling nightmare, as she finds herself trapped in a foreign land with no sliver of silver lining in sight.